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World Food for Student Cooks
Healthy, delicious, easy-to-make dishes for the food-truck-loving, noodle-slurping, taco-crunching, mac-n-cheese-loving student!

By (author) Krista McLellan

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KRISTA McLELLAN is a registered dietitian, passionate home cook and ethnic food enthusiast who has lived the student life in some of Canada's most multicultural cities. She holds a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and Applied Human Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian whose past struggles with eating well on a small budget inspired her to help students feel the benefits of a nourishing and delicious diet and optimize their wellbeing during some of life's most stressful years. Her recipes are sourced from a love for home cooking and sharing with friends far and wide and from a value for health and wellness. They are perfect for a generation that appreciates the richness of ethnically diverse cuisine. She lives in Halifax. This is her first book.

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