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White Privilege

A reader-directed exploration of white privilege and the legacy of racism in society and media.

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A reader-directed exploration of tolerance, inclusiveness, and situations where information and communication might create prejudice against Muslims.

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Jordin Tootoo

This is the story of Jordin Tootoo, who triumphed over discrimination, racism, and grief after the suicide of his NHL-bound brother, and went on to become the first Inuk to play in the NHL.

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P.K. Subban

A biography of Canadian defenceman P.K. Subban, which focuses on his determination, his experience with racism and his support for charities for children

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Willie O'Ree

This book traces the early life of the NHL's first black hockey player, Willie O'Ree, from his home in Fredericton, New Bruswick to the Hockey Hall of Fame

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Righting Canada's Wrongs: Africville

In the 1960s, after years of ignoring the basic needs of the community, the City of Halifax bulldozed the Black community of Africville in the name of urban renewal.

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9781459413580 | Published: April 2019

The Playmaker

The story of a young girl who overcomes envy, prejudice, and her own problems with self-esteem to make a place on a new hockey team.

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Snow Soccer

Sarimah, a young Syrian refugee, moves to Saskatoon and has to switch from playing soccer in the sand to the snow while learning to adjust to her new life in Canada.

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Team Fugee

Ozzie and the other Nigerian refugees compete with a team of refugees from Syria for time on the field. The two rival teams must then unite to try to win the division championship.

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Two Strikes

KaLeah's a natural at baseball, but when she is excluded and bullied by Nikki and her clique because she is black and a better player than Nikki, she joins the boys' team.

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